Travel is endless, you move from one spot to the next every moment in everyday, but I won’t post pictures of me moving to the fridge, to bed and then back again which answers why I have not posted anything on my blog in the past few months, my travel became dull and too common. 

I would like to take you down memory lane while my life takes a new path through settled city and onwards and upwards  hopefully via cashed up street and holiday island.  (One can dream)

The next lot of posts will be circa 2010 to 2013 An Asian Story - Featuring many beautiful sights, too many drunken nights and a few crazy asian fights??

New friends make me so very pleased.

Kitzbüel - Austria Such a beautiful place to risk my life.

Carnival in München what a fabulous occasion this was!

Hitting the slopes and living life!


Protests Italy


History Italy